I ‘Just’ Do Ordinary Work

The topic and the tenor and this article really resonates with me and the ethos behind this little blog of mine. The title of this site — AverageChristianNet — is about my firm conviction that the Christian and the non-believing world needs to hear more from us “average Christians.” Of course, us non-pastors, non-professorial types make up the vast majority of the Body of Christ….yet, we downplay our own contributions in the workplace, the marketplace, and the Internet. (I will have a lot more to say about this in upcoming original pieces). In the meantime, this article makes some important arguments that none of us do “ordinary” work! From The Gospel Coalition…………..

Perseverance, Wisdom, and Spiritual Growth (James 1:1–5)

From this brief commentary from the resource The Theology of Work Bible Commentary, it definitely appears that the Epistle of James can be very useful in the workplace! From The Theology Of Work Project……………………

“Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit, for Theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven” (Matthew 5:3)

Here is a helpful commentary on part of the Beatitudes in the Gospel of Matthew that believers need to apply in their places of work. Rather than fight with others to be seated at the “preferred seats at the head of the table at the banquet,” we should content ourselves to sit at the end of the table and wait for the Lord to make room for us at the head of the table in His time and in His way. From the Theology of Work Project…………………


10 Key Points About Work in the Bible Every Christian Should Know

One of the reasons I write this blog is because I am not a pastor or seminary professor or best-selling author. I am just a guy who follow Christ, and I worked for somebody else my entire adult life. So, articles like this one mean a lot to me, and hopefully to other normal Christian Joes and Jills! From the Theology of Work Project……………………

God’s Presence in our Struggles at Work (Psalm 23)

Part of my purpose in this blog is to point people to other great websites and blogs that you might not otherwise know about. This article is a short commentary on Psalm 23 but focused on how God is present with us during our struggles at work. From The Theology of Work Project……………….

Some common sense info on stress management.  From Stress Management………….

Stress comes in many forms, workplace stress, family stress, grief over loss of a loved one, etc… Some can be avoided, but as we know, many cannot. Some people handle stress better than others, and some even thrive onit.Regardless, stress takes its toll. Stress has been proven to rid your body of many essential vitamins…

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