Where Do You Find Awe in Your Everyday Life? – Pete Briscoe

A good reminder here — Even in this sin-scarred world, life is full of awesome things because of our awesome God. From blogger and author Pete Briscoe……….


A couple of points to ponder in this article:  Christianity is based on facts, history and logic, but there is also an aspect of mystery that we in the West often struggle with.  Take a read of this short article from Pete Briscoe and From the Darkness Into the Light…………..

March 05, 2020 Mysterion: noun. Greek. A mystery. Something unexplainable by normal means. What theologians call something when they don’t have a clue about what is going on. If you’re like me, you like to have everything figured out. Most Christians in the Western world feel the same way. We have systematic theology, four spiritual […]

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