Who Wrote the Book of Proverbs (and Why Should We Read It)

Proverbs is a unique book in the Bible, but besides the great source of bumper stickers and memes, who wrote and and why is it in the Bible? Here are some answers from Crosswalk. ……

The Bible says to “get wisdom.” Here are some thoughts along those lines from Down an Unfamiliar Road……………….

When we hear the name King Solomon, most of us immediately think about his wisdom. The royal recorder of kings tells us that King Solomon was greater in riches and wisdom than all the other kings of the earth.[1] Some people think of wisdom as knowledge, but that is not the case. You can know […]

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It is OK to Use Your Head While You Trust God

I love Dallas Willard, because he was such a deep thinker but also an excellent teacher and writer. Anyway, this little excerpt from Willard affirms that we can still use the good sense the good Lord gave us while also fully trusting Him for any outcome…………..

Trust God and Use Your Head

We have to get beyond those knee-jerk reactions that we’ve been saddled with by our history and begin to understand that we can use understanding without leaning on it. And that’s what Jesus did. Proverbs 3:5 says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding” (niv). It doesn’t say, “Don’t use your head.” It doesn’t say, “Don’t think,” or “Reasoning is sinful.” It says, “Don’t trust reason by itself.” Trust God and use your head. That’s the general advice that we have for all of our faculties: we are to trust God, worship him only, serve him only, and use everything we’ve got—our legs, our brains, everything—present it all to God as a living sacrifice and ask him to inhabit it and use it. If you don’t understand that, you can’t understand the content and the method of the New Testament, which is to go with God and think, preach, teach, reach out to people, and minister to them generously with the truth that you have received. Use your best reasoning and the best of everything else you’ve got. And then you’re in good shape.

From The Allure of Gentleness: Defending the Faith in the Manner of Jesus. Copyright © 2015 by Dallas Willard. All rights reserved. Used with permission of HarperCollins Publishers.

Believe me, you do NOT want to google “wisdom” if you really need or want to have wisdom!  From sethlewis.ie……………………….

Where I grew up we called the library “Fort Book” because it looked like it would stand up well in a siege. Inside, there were rows of filing cabinets housing the card catalogue – one card for each book, organised precisely in deep drawers. If I wanted to learn something, those cards were the indexes […]

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