Three Phases of Faith

This a great article from author Adrian Warnock. The takeaway: Faith is ever-growing and ever-deepening, and even sometimes all three phases of faith happen all at the same time!……………..

Planning and Living for the Glory of God


REIMAGINE RETIREMENT by C. J. Cagle (B & H Publishers; 2019)

This book is written by a Christian financial specialist, as well as being a recent retiree himself. But unlike a lot of other financial planning books I have read, Cagle does not make the reader feel foolish or a loser if they don’t have a million dollars already set aside for themselves.

Cagle first looks at how our modern world defines retirement and then compares that to a review of the biblical outlook on retirement. And, of course, the Bible knows nothing about retirement as presently experienced in the Western world. In Part Two, the author gets more into the numbers and wise strategies of preparing for and beginning to set your financial house in order. Then, in Part Three, Cagle emphasizes how to live out your retirement in a manner that demonstrates a trust and dependence on God, while also looking for various ways to continue to serve Him and mentor younger people.

This book is extremely practical and easy to understand for even clueless financial people like myself! Again, I found this book to be an encouragement even though I do not have a retirement nest egg personally. Highly recommended!

BOOK REVIEW: THE GOD GUARANTEE — Finding Freedom From the Fear of Not Having Enough

THE GOD GUARANTEE: Finding Freedom From the Fear of Not Having Enough by Jack Alexander (Baker Books; 2017)

This book by Christian businessman, author and speaker Jack Alexander looks at an important topic: Many Christians live in a scarcity mindset. This plays out in our daily walk with Christ in that we believe in God and the Bible, but live as functional atheists when it comes to whether or not God will provide for our needs. Since most of us don’t thinbk God is that interested in us personally, we live in a constant state of fear of losing our jobs, or homes, our health, and our families. This then leads to trying to depend on our own knowledge and efforts to get by, rather than to trust in a loving and personal God.

All four gospels tell about the incident when Jesus fed the multitudes with a few fish and a couple of loaves of bread. Because this story is one of the few miracles of Jesus that is recounted in all of the gospel accounts, Alexander uses this story to highlight four principles of God and His attitude toward us and His provision: (1) We discover God’s capacity; (2) We consecrate what we do have an offer it to God; (3) He reorders our lives through challenges so that we find a new perspective on abundance and provision; and (4) The God provides what we truly need, often through community.

This is a most encouraging and thought-provoking book, and I cannot recommend it more highly!