Help! I’m Afraid I Made the Wrong Decision

Almost as bad as the stress of making a major decision is the stress after making a major decision! From The Gospel Coalition……………………

Slow Down to Meet God

Even in this time of pandemic and lockdowns, most of us still find ourselves rushing and fretting, and leaving God out of our thoughts and intentions. I am as guilty of this as anyone, so this article from UK writer Adrian Warnock really spoke to me!…………………

How to Accomplish More and Stress Less

WIN THE DAY: 7 Daily Habits to Help You Stress Less & Accomplish More by Mark Batterson

Win the Day is the latest book by pastor and author Mark Batterson, and I predict this book will be as popular and helpful to people as his other books, such as The Circle Maker and Chase the LionIn this book, Batterson read a large number of secular and Christian books on leadership and productivity to deliver this book on how to redeem each day to its maximum extent…but without making yourself frantic and stressed out. This is a big goal, but Batterson accomplishes his purpose in this helpful and thought-provoking book.

Batterson makes a compelling case to discipline our minds to stay in the present and not waste time ruminating on the past. The author contends that only by focusing on the goals and tasks for each day on a one-day-at-a-time manner can a person maximize their efforts with the least amount of stress.

The book is divided into three parts. First, to win the day, we must bury our dead yesterdays. In Part 2, Batterson gives the main habits and tips necessary to win the day. Finally, in Part 3, he discusses how important it is to have God-sized dreams for the future to help get through the daily grind. Like an athlete who pushes her body to the limit daily with purpose, but all done so that they can win the gold medal at the Olympics.

I am a facts/history/little-known things nerd, so I really enjoy reading Batterson’s books because, in this one, he uses all kinds of unique and unknown facts of science and history to make his points more memorable. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is tired of driving in neutral and ready to make the most of each day and year the Lord gives them.

BOOK REVIEW: My Name is Hope: Anxiety, Depression, and Life After Melancholy

John Mark Comer is a pastor, but does not write this book from his pastoral experiences but rather from his decades-long personal battle with anxiety and depression. e does not offer pat answers or promises quick recoveries — in fact, quite the opposite. But what he does offer is the word in the title: hope. Hope in a loving God, hope that things will not always be terrible, and hope that God will stick with us whether we distrust Him, are angry at Him, or just simply exhausted.

Comer starts by defining some terms associated with anxiety and depression, helping readers see how they are different in some aspects, but also tightly tied together. Then he moves on to the root causes for depression and anxiety in a Christian — either some undealt with sin, or struggles such as perfectionism, workaholism, and unnecessary guilt. Once a person recognizes a root cause for their issues (with God’s help), repentance is always the first step to admitting your weakness to yourself, so that you become open to the help the Lord can and wants to provide you.

Following this, Pastor John Mark discusses the obstacles to well-being stemming from our minds and our bodies, and give some biblical and practical advice to begin to remove those obstacles. From there, he makes a biblical case for seeking community and storming the gates of Heaven with prayer, because God usually chooses to use both human agents and His direct work through the Holy Spirit to give us relief and growth.

Comer is very open and honest with his own struggles with anxiety and depression, but delivers his insights with hope and enthusiasm, describing how he won through many years of trials and different strategies before gaining some control over how his mind and body react to circumstances and his inner thoughts and feelings. This is probably the most practical, honest and encouraging book on controlling anxiety and depression for the Christian I have ever read. Most highly recommended!

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5 Scripture Verses for Uncertain Times

Nothing can relieve stress like some good words from Scripture! From Harvest House Publishers blog………………..

This world has always been too crazy for us to handle all on our own….but even more so now!  Take heart from this article! From The Reformed Life…………….

We are living in a very unique time. We have to wear masks to enter into stores, certain supplies are always off the shelves, playgrounds are covered in material to prevent children from playing, and everyone has a fear of getting too close to others in the city. Fear might be the word to describe […]

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