Sleep, the Bible, and Why You Should Really Take a Nap

As I have gotten older, I have come to depend more on naps. Especially since I don’t always sleep well at night. Here are some biblical thoughts on sleep and rest. From……….

God is Waiting for You—Dallas Willard

God is waiting for you. God is not pushy—for now, in any case. He is not going to overwhelm you if you don’t want Him. He gives you the power to put Him out of your mind. And even if you want Him, you have to seek Him. Now, I realize that there is a sense in which He is already seeking you, and I am not trying to dispose of that, but we misunderstand what is our part and what is God’s part. God is ready to act. He is acting. We are not waiting on Him; and if it doesn’t hurt your theology too badly, He is waiting on us to respond.From The Great Omission: Reclaiming Jesus’s Essential Teachings on Discipleship. Copyright © 2006 by Dallas Willard. All rights reserved. Used with permission of HarperCollins Publishers

Rest for the Soul

Just this title conjures up feelings and images that makes me feel refreshed and renewed. We all could use some rest for our souls, and the Shepherd of our souls provides that rest! From the Mental Health Grace Alliance……………..

This article features words from two of my favorite authors:  Dallas Willard and John Ortberg. They encourage us to slow down so that the streams of living water Jesus gives may flow freely.  From The Glory of God is Man Fully Alive………….

“Your soul is like a stream of living water, which gives strength, direction, and harmony to every other area of your life. When that stream is as it should be, you are constantly refreshed and exuberant in all you do, because your soul itself is then rooted in the vastness of God and his kingdom, […]

via your soul is a stream of living water… — The glory of God is man fully alive