How to Respond When Someone Introduces Your Child to Bad Things

There is a lot of practical and useful advice for parents in this article from biblical counselor Rick Thomas. Here is a tidbit to whet your appetite: “If they [the parents]don’t introduce the world to their child incrementally, the world will present itself to him. The operative word is incremental, as well as appropriately. There is a time to start teaching children about the culture, which begins at birth. Biffy was born in this world, and he needs to know how to navigate it, including all the cliffs, ravines, gorges, and swamps.” From…………………

Key Essentials for Daughters — Biblical Viewpoint

As the father of a wonderful daughter, I can wholeheartedly endorse this article from Biblical Viewpoint!……………….

While pivotal in the upbringing of their own sons, fathers have an equally significant role and impact in the healthy development of their daughters. ♦ In a previous post, Key Essentials for Sons (4/30/21), the importance of parents and particularly fathers was highlighted and the pivotal role they play in the proper teaching and upbringing […]

Key Essentials for Daughters — Biblical Viewpoint

Are You Conveying the Loveliness of Christ to Your Kids?

I think this is a really lovely and encouraging article — but not just for parents. The New Testament teaches that we are drawn to Jesus and thus to the Father, through His kindness and gentleness. From Crossway…………….

Play-Doh, Flannelgraphs, and Teaching Kids Biblical Theology

For those of you with children, I believe this is a helpful and insightful article on the importance of tying the stories of the Bible together so that your kids will begin to learn about the one Great Story the Bible is telling. From Crossway……………..

Book Review: Work and Rest God’s Way

Work and Rest God’s Way: A Biblical Recipe for Finding Joy and Purpose in All You Do (Scott LaPierre; Charis Publishing; 2019)

This book takes an in-depth view of work and rest, and how those two major aspects of life fit into God’s plan for His children. Taking a broad view of work as any activity where energy and effort is expended, the author shows that the Bible teaches that God created work, and so work is good and a blessing. Our lives have more meaning and value to us when we engage in our work in a godly fashion.

Along those lines, the book examines the negative consequences of laziness, and the opposite problem of workaholism. The book also reviews how work comes into play in marriage, and how a proper view of work benefits both husbands and wives. Strategies are provided for parents to aid them in teaching their children and young adults the value of industrious and productive work.

The author also spends a good amount of the book explaining what rest and sleep are, why God apparently made humans to need rest and sleep, and how to rest in ways that reflect the ways of God, and that do not lead to idleness.

This book is very informative, and mostly stays away from using too many life illustrations, rather it focuses on the Bible and the truths articulated there regarding work and rest. Recommended for all believers, because we all have some type of work we do every day.