The Signs of John

John wrote his Gospel with a specific plan in mind to illustrate how Jesus was and is the Son of God. And one of those plans wass to focus on seven “sign” miracles that Jesus performed to show His deity. Some good insights from Place for Truth…………

What Does the Phrase ‘Casting Down Imaginations’ Mean in the Bible?

If you think the people in Paul’s day believed all kinds of strange things unlike us educated and cultured people in the 21st century…..well, look again. That is why Paul’s instructions to the Corinthians then may even may be more important now! From…….

Six reasons Romans 7 is written from the perspective of a post-conversion Christian

This is one for us theology nerds! Romans 7 has been a controversial portion of the New Testament for a long while, and will probably not be settled on this side of eternity. Yet, it has an important message. So, here is one viewpoint (and one which I agree with) on how to interpret Paul’s message in that chapter. From Southern Equip………….