You do not need to purchase the particular app mentioned in this article, but you still get to watch a video or listen to a nice podcast if you wish. For times like this (and other times somewhat like this in the future!). From Adrian Warnock…………..

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There is “meditation” and then there is “Christian meditation.”  All believers are encouraged in the Bible to “ponder,” “think on these things,” “consider,” etc.  Here is a brief article that goes into that subject.  From Association of Certified Biblical Counselors………….

Everyone meditates. Really? Yes. Our minds are constantly dwelling on something. Sadly, many of us allow our minds to wander dangerously into the realm of alluring thoughts, discouraging thoughts, distracting thoughts, worrying thoughts, etc. What we really need is biblical meditation whereby we fix our restless minds on God’s Word so that it governs our…

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