​Nice article that reminds us of the incomparable love of the Father for us as expressed in His love for His Son (and His Son for us).  From Oboedire…………….

Two great thoughts bring the love of God the Father into the love of God that we see in Jesus: the Word was God…and…the Word became flesh (John 1:1, 14). In Jesus we see the incarnation of love. Reading the gospels shows us a multitude of ways that Jesus loved God and others. We could […]

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An interesting article on really understanding the love of God. (I love science fiction, and I had never heard of Giant Robo!).  From Love Truth Blog……………………….

“Robo come back!” cried Johnny Sokko, as the Giant Robo flew off into space carrying the evil emperor Guillotine. Guillotine whose body was composed of atomic energy could annihilate the entire earth just by being pierced with a single bullet, and he used this fact as leverage to subdue planet earth. Since the Giant Robo […]

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