We can binge-watch or even watch a favorite series numerous times on Netflix.  So, why can’t we do that with the Bible?!?  Some thoughts from Theology Along the Way…………..

Online streaming services make our favorite movies and TV shows extremely accessible. If my preferred movie isn’t on Netflix, I can jump onto Amazon Prime or Disney+ to find it. All this entertainment literally lies at our fingertips. But why do so many (including myself) often choose to watch, and re-watch, and RE-watch our favorite […]

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Busy-ness and hurry will eventually kill us!  Not to mention that we stand to miss so much that God wants to show us and tell us.  From DashHouse……………….

Big Idea: Busyness endangers our souls. The answer is to make room for the one thing that matters most: to slow down and sit at Jesus’ feet. I have a problem, and you may too. Last Fall, a friend of mine — one of the elders who oversees this church — asked me to meet.…

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A thorough article on habits — both good and bad.  Some of us have habits we hope to stop here as the year begins, but at the same time we also need to take on good and healthy habits!  From Reflections………………

We all want good daily habits. But instead we sleep in, check our email in bed, and have “just one more.” So, how do we start breaking bad habits and start making good daily habits? Isn’t there a simple three-step plan or a good habits list that will set me free? Not really. But there […]

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