The Signs of John

John wrote his Gospel with a specific plan in mind to illustrate how Jesus was and is the Son of God. And one of those plans wass to focus on seven “sign” miracles that Jesus performed to show His deity. Some good insights from Place for Truth…………

6 Amazing Parallels Between Exodus and the Gospel of John

A nice article on parallels between the Book of Exodus and the Gospel of John. From Beautiful Christian Life……………..

A nice reflection on part of John 10. From The Good Shepherd………..

John 10:1-21 This passage is figurative. (John 10:6) There are 8 components of the extended metaphor in this section: The shepherd is the caretaker and owner of the sheep. The sheep (flock) are the animals that the shepherd loves and cares for. The thief is the one who tries to steal the sheep away from […]

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