16 Bible Passages about Why God Allows Evil and Suffering in the World

Here is a very timely article, considering the world events at play right now, from Beautiful Christian Life……………………


The answer to the question of the article is “All the time. God cannot do anythin that is not good.”  From From the Darkness Into the Light………….

Believers often say, “God is good,” we thank God for His goodness when the life of our love one is spared, when a medical test returned negative, when a job is on the line is saved. But what about when the love one does die, or when the test comes back positive or the job […]

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Besides some common sense things, NONE of us have ultimate control in life. Including this stuff with COVID 19, and the economic impact it is having.  But God is not surprised, nor is He overwhelmed!  Some good thoughts from Valerie Cullers………….

Over the past few weeks, I have thought about what to write. The media has inculcated the public with an irrational fear of the COVID19 Virus. I have been in different situations and heard people speak of the fear they are experiencing. I have also spoken to people from the medical community who are not […]

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Everyone who follows God, from Job, to David, to Jeremiah, to Malachi, to Jesus on the cross, to Peter and Paul, and everyone after the New Testament has asked this question.  It is normal and human to cry out to God when life hurts, but we need to keep focusing on what we already know about our heavenly Father!  From Wrestled Faith……………….

I’ve wrestled with this question a lot…I think that the way we answer this question, has a lot to do with what it means for God to be good. Is God’s goodness defined by the earthly pleasures He gives me? Because then when life is painful, He would not be good. Is His goodness measured […]

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