A nice reflection on part of John 10. From The Good Shepherd………..

John 10:1-21 This passage is figurative. (John 10:6) There are 8 components of the extended metaphor in this section: The shepherd is the caretaker and owner of the sheep. The sheep (flock) are the animals that the shepherd loves and cares for. The thief is the one who tries to steal the sheep away from […]

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An encouraging article about our Good Shepherd!  From The Way of the Word………….

When we think about God being our Shepherd, our first thought is usually Psalm 23, where David describes the Father’s care for His sheep. In John 10, Jesus echoes Psalm 23, clearly and definitively stating that He is the Good Shepherd, the one and the same Lord that David praised. Here, then, is another link […]

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