Praying the Names of God: Adonay — Lord, Master

So much to learn if we are willing to dig a little from a cursory reading of our Bibles! Or use the wisdom and skills of other gifted scholars and writers like Ann Spangler…………………..

Adonay — Lord, Master

The Importance of the Book of Psalms According to Dallas Willard

The power of the Book of Psalms

Still today the Old Testament Book of Psalms gives great power for faith and life. This is simply because it preserves a conceptually rich language about God and our relationships to Him. If you bury yourself in Psalms, you emerge knowing God and understanding life.

And that is by no means a matter, as some suggest, of the “poetic effect” of the great language. No mere emotional lift is involved. What makes the language great and provides the emotional lift is chiefly its picture of God and of life. We learn from the Psalms how to think and act in reference to God. We drink in God and God’s world from them. They provide a vocabulary for living Godward, one inspired by God Himself. They show us who God is, and that expands and lifts and directs our minds and hearts.

From The Divine Conspiracy: Rediscovering Our Hidden Life in God. Copyright © 1997 by Dallas Willard. All rights reserved. Used with permission of HarperCollins Publishers.

Wisdom from dallas willard

God Desires Fellowship But Gives us Distance

From the viewpoint of the natural world, God is not very obvious to those who do not wish to see Him. I suppose He could write in the sky every morning what He wanted us to know for the day. That would be impressive, wouldn’t it? He could have wired our minds so that He could directly communicate in an undeniable way with us every minute of the day. But none of this would be consistent with His project for humanity.

When God created human beings and gave them a job, which He did right off, He left some distance between them and Himself. And He came to visit with them. From the very beginning God intended that we should have fellowship with Him, but also that there should be some distance, so that we might be free and capable of choosing and deciding what we would be.

From The Allure of Gentleness: Defending the Faith in the Manner of Jesus. Copyright © 2015 by Dallas Willard. All rights reserved. Used with permission of HarperCollins Publishers.


Wouldn’t it be better if God just came on the Internet every night and talk to everyone online? Well, if God truly revealed Himself, then no one would be able to resist worshipping Him. It apparently brings God greater glory to show us glimpses of Himself through nature and through the Church. This article explains it a little better. From Building Jerusalem…………….

A good point made in this article: We may be worshipping God, but is the God we worship a “wish fulfillment” of Who we want to God instead of the God presented in the Bible? From Learning From God’s Word……….

The ten commandments don’t begin with “Thou shalt … “. They begin with a statement concerning who God is – “I am the Lord your God” – and what God has done for his people – “I … brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage” (Exodus 20:1). It […]

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Good dads tell their kids the truth.  Here is how your Abba Father sees you!  From Dr. Michelle Bengston…………

You’re not good enough. You’re useless. You’re not as valuable as other people. Have you ever listened to words like these that swirl around in your head? Comparison lies. They’re all part of the enemy’s comparison trap. To defeat the lies, you need to know what God says about you. Do you know who you…

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