The Slow Hand of God

I like the analogy employed in this article for how God’s actions in our lives seem to happen too slowly. And here is another one….we don’t much like rain or snow in the short term, but we would be in a world of hurt without the rain and snow! An insightful article from Credo House………….

Death Will Come When Christ Calls

This is a very tough topic both emotionally and theologically. The big takeaway for me from this article is that Christ defeated death at His resurrection, and so Christ owns death and commands it to His greater redemptive purposes. A thought-provoking article from Desiring God…………………..

Why We Should Embrace Trials

I write a lot about suffering and trials for a few reasons. Some of those reasons are that we will ALL face trials (from the very lips of Jesus!), and that the Bible — especially the New Testament — emphasizes enduring trials as one of the main ways that God grows our faith and draws us closer to Him. Here is another good article from Theology & Life………..