A Key Ingredient for the Christian Life

More and more in our modern world, I see this one trait of true Christians as becoming more highlighted in how much it is lacking in the world (and even among many believers today!). From Stand to Reason…………….


The Fruit of the Spirit: Gentleness

I have enjoyed this series on the fruits of the Spirit from Place for Truth. Lately in the evangelical world, gentleness has been getting a little bit of pushback, people saying that Jesus wasn’t gentle with the moneychangers or the Pharisees. But that is because they were leading the lost sheep of Israel AWAY from God. But for people who needed healing or a better understanding of the character of God, He was gentle…………….

The Fruit of the Spirit: Patience

We all know the old joke about not asking God for more patience……because He will make sure you get it! Nevertheless, patience is a good thing, because it is a fruit of the Spirit, and for me is one of the hallmarks of a mature belilever. Here is some more info on this important spiritual fruit from Place for Truth……………..

Haters Gonna Hate

Anyone who writes a blog, hosts a podcast, pastors a church, writes books and poems, etc. is going to eventually run up against some haters. Even little old, encouraging me received a comment on one of my posts because they did not believe in the Trinity! Frank Viola is an interesting man and writer, one of those “shoot straight from the hip” guys, but his views are thoroughly orthodox and biblical. Here he offers his experience and advice to deal with haters………………..