A Prayer for the Loss of a Father

For good or ill, our earthly fathers have a huge impact on our lives, and when we lose our dads, there are always repercussions of some sort. This article addresses these issues and more. From Crosswalk.com……….


Key Essentials for Daughters — Biblical Viewpoint

As the father of a wonderful daughter, I can wholeheartedly endorse this article from Biblical Viewpoint!……………….

While pivotal in the upbringing of their own sons, fathers have an equally significant role and impact in the healthy development of their daughters. ♦ In a previous post, Key Essentials for Sons (4/30/21), the importance of parents and particularly fathers was highlighted and the pivotal role they play in the proper teaching and upbringing […]

Key Essentials for Daughters — Biblical Viewpoint

The title says it all.  From Randy Alcorn’s Blog………………….

When our children were small, I was reading them a Bible story and an “important” phone call came from someone in the church. In fact, the call could have waited until the next day. So which was more important, taking that call, or finishing the story and praying with my children? I realized my error.…

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