This Father’s Day, Reflect on the Fatherhood of God | Core Christianity

We all had fathers and some were healthy in their parenting and some were not. But we also all have a heavenly Father who cares for us deeply. Let’s concentrate on Him on Father’s Day. From Core Christianity………..

A good reminder in this article!  Just because we really think we need something and we practically beg God for it, like a good Parent, He will not give us something that will prove harmful to us, or that we are not ready for yet!  From Grace Over Pain…………

I heard my 3yrs old son screaming from the kitchen and as I enquired from my oldest what the problem was, she said he wants a scissors. He came to meet me begging for me to give him the scissors. I didn’t like him being in tears but at the same time, there is no […]

via Desperation doesn’t mean our request will be granted — Grace Over Pain