God is Immutable

For God to be the eternal God of the Bible, He must be unchanging in His attributes and character, unlike the gods of ancient history. And even unlike some of the “gods” worshipped today! From PlaceforTruth.org………


Engaging Our Emotions, Engaging with God

This article addresses our emotions and how they relate to our fellowship with God. “Throughout the Bible God continually encourages, comforts, convicts, and reorients us. Instead of handing us a manual on emotional self-transformation, he patiently and tenderly invites us to simply come to him with all our feelings. This makes our emotions one of the premier opportunities to deepen our relationship with him!” From Christian Counseling & Education Foundation (www.ccef.org)…………………..

The Emotional Abundance of God

The point that the author of this article makes so beautifully is that God does not just act in our lives as the almighty God of creation, but He is also ever-present to us to uplift and encourage us in our inner thoughts and emotions. This is because our God is a God who is well-acquainted with human feelings and emotions. From Duncan Edward Pile…………………….