4 Important Things to Remember If You Are a Doubting Believer

“Doubt is not the same thing as unbelief.” A helpful article on doubt in the Christian life from BeautifulChristianLife.com……………..


The Toughest Critic You’ll Ever Face

This article from apologist Greg Koukl is very important because of the turbulent times we are in the midst of right now. What with the devastation of waves of COVID, political and societal unrest around the world, and even basic questions of identity, reality and meaning — the practice of apologetics is needed now more than ever. But not for other people….for ourselves! From Stand to Reason……………


For Those with Little Faith

Hey!…This article is talking about me! Here is a takeaway to whet your appetite for more: “Though they walk in a world where birds feast and flowers dress like kings, they find themselves easily troubled by their own needs. Does God see them? Does God hear their cries? Is God really their Father? Their heads may nod, but their hearts hesitate. Alongside the worry they wear on their sleeve rests this badge: ‘O you of little faith.'” From Desiring God…………….

There is a Time to Doubt

Christian author offers up in this article his form conviction that doubt is a part of genuine Christian faith, even though so much of the world cannot overcome their doubts about God and the Bible to find Jesus. From the Evangelical Pulpit……………

BOOK REVIEW: Strength for the Weary

STRENGTH FOR THE WEARY by Derek Thomas (Reformation Trust Publishing; 2018)

This book by pastor and scholar Dr. Derek Thomas looks at the problem of weariness in life, and how to find the strength and hope everyone needs at some points in our lives. Using selected passages from the last half of the Book of Isaiah, Thomas writes short, devotional-style chapters that addresses the ways that weariness can cause believers to worry, fear and doubt about life and God. But the author reminds Christians that God has promised to be with us through life, and to give us strength and grace in our trials. As one reads these reflections on some of the most encouraging passages in the entire Bible, you will become more energized, better able to place temporary difficulties and plain old being worn out into proper perspective. Thomas calls his readers to reach out to God and let Him provide the energy and ability to tackle a new day. Highly recommended!
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