Enduring Words for Unbearable Times

This article provides a few of the many. many passages in the Bible that speaks to the kindness, love and faithfullness of God. From Christian Crier……………………..

Humanity’s Greatest Fear

This article takes the position that most people (even many Christians) are more concerned of receiving a sense of identity and worth from other people. However, we should all seek to see our truth worth and value through the eyes of God. And see to it that we live up to His view of us! From Richard E. Simmons III……………..

Encouragement for the Depressed from Charles Spurgeon

Don’t let anyone try to tell you you must lack faith if you struggle with depression. Charles Spurgeon suffered with it his entire adult life….and there were no meds. Yet, God sustained him and allowed him to make a great impact on the world and believers over a 100 years after his death! From Randy Alcorn and Eternal Perspectives Ministries……………..

Are You in the Wilderness This Christmas?

In the Bible, the wilderness is usually where a believer winds up after a spiritual breakthrough or other event. Think: Jesus went to the wilderness right after He was baptized and the Father visibly spoke of His love for the Son. Anyway, we all have our times in the wilderness, and the advice given in this short article applies to any time in the wilderness….including Christmas. From Concordia Publishing House……………..

BOOK REVIEW: My Name is Hope: Anxiety, Depression, and Life After Melancholy

John Mark Comer is a pastor, but does not write this book from his pastoral experiences but rather from his decades-long personal battle with anxiety and depression. e does not offer pat answers or promises quick recoveries — in fact, quite the opposite. But what he does offer is the word in the title: hope. Hope in a loving God, hope that things will not always be terrible, and hope that God will stick with us whether we distrust Him, are angry at Him, or just simply exhausted.

Comer starts by defining some terms associated with anxiety and depression, helping readers see how they are different in some aspects, but also tightly tied together. Then he moves on to the root causes for depression and anxiety in a Christian — either some undealt with sin, or struggles such as perfectionism, workaholism, and unnecessary guilt. Once a person recognizes a root cause for their issues (with God’s help), repentance is always the first step to admitting your weakness to yourself, so that you become open to the help the Lord can and wants to provide you.

Following this, Pastor John Mark discusses the obstacles to well-being stemming from our minds and our bodies, and give some biblical and practical advice to begin to remove those obstacles. From there, he makes a biblical case for seeking community and storming the gates of Heaven with prayer, because God usually chooses to use both human agents and His direct work through the Holy Spirit to give us relief and growth.

Comer is very open and honest with his own struggles with anxiety and depression, but delivers his insights with hope and enthusiasm, describing how he won through many years of trials and different strategies before gaining some control over how his mind and body react to circumstances and his inner thoughts and feelings. This is probably the most practical, honest and encouraging book on controlling anxiety and depression for the Christian I have ever read. Most highly recommended!

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A silver lining from the pandemic….if you are Christian under the illusion that you are in control and God’s job is simply to bless our efforts, then you now know this is nor biblical! From Biblical Training via From The Darkness Into the Light………..

When things are going well, it’s easy for us to think that we’re in control. We’re healthy. We have money in the bank. We go to a good job with prospects for growth. We have a happy spouse and children. And then a microscopic virus hits and brings the entire world to its knees. I […]

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