Do I Really Want to be Formed Like Jesus?

I used to say to Jesus, “I want to obey You every day; only don’t ask me to go to Africa.” (I don’t like bugs, snakes and malaria….). While I still don’t feel called to Africa, I am beginning to understand that becoming Christlike is not an exercise in comfort and ease. Dr. Larry Crabb is a fantastic counselor and author, but his sheer honesty and willingness to admit that believers can love our comfort more than our Savior can be challenging to many (including me!). But his words are really honest, like the words of Paul in Romans 7. I think this article might lead to prayer and a fresh indwelling of the Spirit! From Larger Story……………….

In our society today, everything is disposable and quickly upgraded. Why, we buy a $1000 smartphone, and then we are ready to “upgrade” it the very next year! And even though your employer is probably going to let you go at any time, still most people on average will hold more than a dozen jobs in their working lives! No permanence anywhere!……..yet God does not see marriage this way. Here is a good article — especially for those who are contemplating or actually preparing for marriage. From The Layman’s Bible…………

So you have it in your heart to marry. The last two articles hopefully were helpful in understanding some of the issues that come with joining your life to another’s. It isn’t easy though. As we read beforehand, Paul said, “But if you do marry, you have not sinned; and if a virgin marries, she […]

via Before You Marry: The Long Haul — The Layman’s Bible