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Athanasius was one of the great Church Fathers who was instrumental in upholding the divinity of Christ and His incarnation against the Arians. Christians today would be well-served to learn more about these great believers of the past who protected and preserved our Christian faith. From Two Journeys…………

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5 Minutes in Church History: An Introduction to the Stories of God’s Faithfulness in the History of the Church

by Stephen J. Nichols

This book focuses on 40 different persons, events and objects that have effected Christianity over the last 2000 years. As denoted by the title, each short chapter is meant to be read in about 5 minutes. This makes it useful for history buffs, and even for homeschoolers to get a quick church history lesson before going about the day. A worthwhile read!

Why Study Church History?

Another article for all us theology nerds! Except the point of the article is that a study of church history can help all Christians!  From Reformation21…………….