This is about aromatherapy to curb anxiety (and maybe a last-minute Christmas gift idea!)…………………

Unfortunately, in today’s fast paced, highly technical world … stress, worry and anxiety are facts of life and we have become accustomed to feeling stressed 24/7! We are a ‘Stressed-out Nation’ and are dealing with our stress in unhealthy ways! More than half of working adults are NOW concerned with the amount of stress in…

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THIS is the reason for the season!  If we truly understood the meaning of the Incarnation, we would understand a little better the love God has for us (He loved us first!).  From Farewell to Shadowlands……………..

I can understand why some people are atheists. First, there is the hurdle of believing that God actually exists in spite of naturalistic explanations that say otherwise. Second, is the hurdle of believing that God is good in spite of the fact that he allows terrible tragedies and awful evil to unfold. But third is […]

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Hopefully, this article from Counseling One Another will be of help to someone who is struggling at this time of year…………..

Loss comes in many forms: loss through the death of a spouse, child, or other loved one; loss of relationships through conflict, betrayal, estrangement, divorce, or a move across the country; loss of financial security due to business failure, foreclosure, or long-term unemployment; loss of health or personal dreams because of disability or terminal illness.…

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OK, time to start binge-watching!  And these are family-friendly (no Bad Santas here!)………………

This article is part of a feed from Top 15 Christmas Movies, it is best to read it in its full there. Top 15 Christmas Movies. This is a list of my favorite Christmas movies that I would recommend you watching. Did your favorite Christmas movie make my list? Top 15 Christmas Movies Mickey’s Christmas…

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Don’t we all desire a more peaceful Christmas? Our peace begins to dwindle from November 1st until the decorations come down sometime in January. Then, continues as the credit card bills start coming in. At the same time our peace evaporates, stress and anxiety rise. What a shame when the reason for the holiday is…

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Lord, help me to have more joy!  From Life Meets Theology……………..

Today’s blog is taken from the author’s contribution on the first day of the third week of Advent in the book The Battle for Christmas: A Daily Devotional for Advent and Christmas. Used by permission. Welcome to the first day of the third week of Advent when we focus on joy! For many people, one […]

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This article from Already Not Yet delves into the real magic of Christmas — the Incarnation of the Son of God!…………………..

Stephen Wellum: At the heart of Christianity and the gospel is the person and work of our Lord Jesus Christ. Apart from the “Word becoming flesh” (John 1:14) and the incarnate Son of God living and dying in our place as our Savior, there is no salvation. Apart from the coming of the eternal Son, […]

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This article from Draughting Theology reminds us here in Advent season to slow down!………………………

Advent 3 is a pretty evil time for the RCL to assign James 5 and a call to patience. It is as if they’ve never had a seven year-old waiting for Santa in their homes. By the time the ides of December are upon us, I think every parent in Christendom feels like the late, […]

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Another good article from Randy Alcorn!………………….

God is the Great Storyteller. With grand artistry, He brings forth a beautiful world in a spectacular universe. As the culmination of His creativity, He fashions Adam and Eve. He could have shielded them from Satan’s temptations, warding off evil, suffering and humanity’s curse. But He didn’t. So the man and woman rebel against God,…

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