Sharp Eyes, Soft Hearts, and Sanctified Minds: Evaluating Christian Books

I suspect a lot of you read a lot of Christian books like I do. Here is an article with some cogent thoughts on how a believer should evaluate Christian books and determine if they are in line with God or not. From Veritas et Lux……………….

This is a book review from The Reformed Reader.  We need to better understand the Book of Revelation so that it can be the encouragement in hard times that God meant us to have (instead of all the silly date-setting and this year’s version of who the Antichrist is)………………….

Revelation is a great part of Scripture that in no uncertain terms tell us the reality of Christ’s ultimate victory, but it’s not always easy to interpret and understand the last book of the Bible. Some parts aren’t too tough; others are seriously difficult. One resource that has helped me study Revelation is Dennis Johnson’s […]

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I love good books (and I bet you might, too!).  Here are some to look forward to.  From Gospel Relevance……………

Which Christian books should you read in 2020? In this post, I’ve put together a list of books for you to consider reading this year. Although you may not be able to read every book in 2020, they are books for you to keep on your radar as the year goes by.Note: You will find…

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