Four Tips for Reading the Book of Revelation

There is some great advice and wisdom contained in this article on this important but difficult book of the Bible! Here is a takeaway: “Don’t allow some of the wackier uses to which Revelation has been and is being put to out there make you avoid the book itself.” From Crux Sola…………………………..

Why Study the Old Testament?

One of the main reasons for this blog is to point people to encouraging and helpful biblical blogs and websites. As such, this article is a little different because it points out a fantastic website called This site provides FREE seminary-level courses from top evangelical scholars and seminaries. The following article is really the first lesson in a series called, “Kingdom, Covenants and Canon of the Old Testament, ” hosted by Dr. Richard Pratt, Professor of Old Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary, Editor of the NIV Spirit of the Reformation Study Bible and a translator for the New Living Translation……………………

7 Ways Biblical Theology Transforms Bible Study

Some very good points to consider in this article from Bible teacher and author Nancy Guthrie. Here is a takeaway for me: “As we grow in our understanding of the larger story of the Bible, become better able to identify biblical themes that arise in whatever passage we’re in, and then as we grow in the skill of tracing that theme through to the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus to what will happen when he comes again and establishes the new heaven and new earth, we see the beauty, worth, sufficiency and necessity of Jesus from all different angles. It moves us to love and wonder. And that is what we so desperately need.” From Crossway…………

How Do We Interpret Old Testament Narrative?

I really enjoyed this brief but informative article. Here is the takeaway for me: “OT narrative is first and foremost about God: his holiness, grace, salvation and justice.” From Overflow Chat…………….

What is the Meaning of Reconciliation in the Bible?

If you have followed this blog for any length of time, you know that one of its primary purposes is to draw attention to other great blogs and websites that people might not know about. This article comes from the great website called BiblicalTraining, where anyone can receive seminary-level bible education for free. This is just one very small example of the great library of resources to be found there………………