Tested by Offensive Theology

A third test of faith is dealing with those hard and controversial passages of Scripture, like the “hard teaching” of Jesus mentioned in John 6. From OpentheBible.org……..


Framing the Book of Revelation from the Beginning

A lot of people have been scared off from studying the Book of Revelation because of some of the difficulties and variations to its interpretation. But it is not impossible to understand for its main teachings and it comes with its very own promise of blessing for all who read it. The following provides a framework for understanding this very important and encouraging section of Scripture. From Knowable Word………..


4 Reasons We Should Study the Book of Revelation

I think many people avoid reading and studying the Book of Revelation because of its strangeness and the many controversies over its meaning in church history. But this article by Bible teacher Nancy Guthrie states the case that blessings are to be had from reading this wonderful book of the New Testament! From Crossway.org…………………….


What was Paul’s Thorn in the Flesh? — 2 Corinthians 12

This article is derived from the ESV Expository Commentary on this chapter from 2 Corinthians. The short answer about Paul’s thorn? It’s not important exactly important what it was, but rather, the lesson to be learned in how to handle tough things God allows us to go through! From Crossway.org……


Does the Bible Really Contradict Itself?

Many progressive Christians and atheists try to argue that the Bible is full of contradictions, thus not to be trusted or very open to new interpretations. Author Frank Viola takes exception to this this. Here is a takeaway: “There are many so-called ‘contradictions’ in the Bible that people claim which really aren’t. Those ‘contradictions’ can be easily resolved if one exaamines the context, the original languages, the different ancient manuscripts, and the particular perspective of the biblical author. When one reads Scripture carefully, they will find that there are very few real contradictions in the Bible. The rest can be explained by varying perspectives or spiritual paradoxes.” From The Deeper Journey……………….