A Challenge to the Atheistic Mindset

There are only three options for why the universe is here: 1) It has always been here; 2) It came about purely by chance; or 3) It was created by a transcendent, all-powerful Creator. Frank Viola explores this in more depth. From The Deeper Journey……………….

Atheists and agnostics argue that we can’t believe the Bible because we can’t all agree on what it teaches.  My goodness, we argue over whether “The Last Jedi” was better than “The Force Awakens,” and the Bible comes from the mind of the eternal Creator!  Doesn’t mean what the Bible teaches in the main is not understandable and reliable.  You’ll see what I mean in this brief article from Randal Rauser………………..

The other day, I posted the following tweet: Atheists who dismiss the Bible as “iron age fables” should invest a month studying a single book of the Bible by reading a range of biblical commentaries, monographs, and articles on that book. They will come to appreciate that much more is going on than they realized,…

via Problems with the Bible that Aren’t Problems at All — Randal Rauser