Ahhh….paradoxes. We humans don’t like paradoxes, especially in our enlightened modern viewpoints and worldviews. Yet, life itself is full of paradoxes, and — as this article points out — the life of Jesus is one of paradox. And thus, paradox should also mark the life of all believers. From Core Christianity……………

And Lo, the Kingdom of God is Like a Terrible Football Team – FaithGateway

How can you not love this article from Brant Hansen? He makes you laugh and tear up at about the same time! From Faith Gateway……….

My son is like me. He’s not much into athletics. But we signed him up for a flag-football league when he was in sixth grade. My wife told me the league needed someone to coach my son’s team, the Rams, and I told her, point-blank, I would not be doing it. I know nothing abouta href=’’ title=’Read more’ …/a

Source: And Lo, the Kingdom of God is Like a Terrible Football Team – FaithGateway

Why We Should Embrace Trials

I write a lot about suffering and trials for a few reasons. Some of those reasons are that we will ALL face trials (from the very lips of Jesus!), and that the Bible — especially the New Testament — emphasizes enduring trials as one of the main ways that God grows our faith and draws us closer to Him. Here is another good article from Theology & Life………..

Do I Really Want to be Formed Like Jesus?

I used to say to Jesus, “I want to obey You every day; only don’t ask me to go to Africa.” (I don’t like bugs, snakes and malaria….). While I still don’t feel called to Africa, I am beginning to understand that becoming Christlike is not an exercise in comfort and ease. Dr. Larry Crabb is a fantastic counselor and author, but his sheer honesty and willingness to admit that believers can love our comfort more than our Savior can be challenging to many (including me!). But his words are really honest, like the words of Paul in Romans 7. I think this article might lead to prayer and a fresh indwelling of the Spirit! From Larger Story……………….