Introduction to Petition

Petition 3.0 | NIV

Of the Third Part of Prayer, which is Petition and Supplication for the Good Things that I Stand in Need of.

We are Always Heard by God — Dallas Willard

You can always be heard by God

You cannot call upon Jesus Christ or upon God and not be heard. You live in Their house, Their ecos (Heb. 3:4). We usually call it simply “the universe.” But They fully occupy it. It is their place, their “kingdom,” where through their kindness and sacrificial love we can make our present life an eternal life. Only as we understand this, is the way open for a true ecology of human existence, for only then are we dealing with what the human habitation truly is.

From The Divine Conspiracy: Rediscovering Our Hidden Life in God. Copyright © 1997 by Dallas Willard. All rights reserved. Used with permission of HarperCollins Publishers.


Introduction and Exhortation to Stir Yourself Up to Praise God

Thanksgiving 4.0 | NIV

Matthew Henry wrote about how to use Scripture to make one’s prayers more effective and biblical. This article begins the fourth type of prayer which is “Thanksgiving”………………………

How to Quiet Your Soul — Stray Thoughts

Lots of good advice and comfort here! From Stray Thoughts………………

Has your soul been unquiet lately? The pandemic, civil unrest, the daily news, politics, social media bickering, and a host of other factors can disturb our peace. We can’t live like ostriches with our heads in the sand. We need to live in but not of the world and minister to others. But what do […]

How to Quiet Your Soul — Stray Thoughts