Engaging Our Emotions, Engaging with God

This article addresses our emotions and how they relate to our fellowship with God. “Throughout the Bible God continually encourages, comforts, convicts, and reorients us. Instead of handing us a manual on emotional self-transformation, he patiently and tenderly invites us to simply come to him with all our feelings. This makes our emotions one of the premier opportunities to deepen our relationship with him!” From Christian Counseling & Education Foundation (www.ccef.org)…………………..

Remaining Faithful While We Wait

Waiting for anything seems to be getting harder and harder for most people these days, but for the believer, waiting on God for a word or a rescue can be the most difficult thing of all. This article shows how important it is to maintain our faith in and trust in God, as well as offer some suggestions to make the most of those times when it seems God is taking a long time to respond. From InTheVine with Amber Thiessen………………………..

How to Respond When God is Silent

We have all had times in our walk with Christ when it seems that God is silent, which then leads to all kinds of suppositions and doubts about His relationship with us. That is why this little article can be a great encouragement, as it provides strategies and biblical wisdom to apply when God is being hard to hear and discern. From Christianity.com……………….


Praying the Lord’s Prayer Specifically for a Person or Situation

Here is an article by author and pastor Kevin Halloran, who wrote a new book on prayer titled, When Prayer is a Struggle (which I reviewed and found to be an excellent resource), in which he gives a couple of examples of how to use the Lord’s Prayer in specific examples for other people or situations not our own. From Anchored in Christ………………….