Any disease and any death due to disease and ill health is not based on how God made the world. But we DO live in a broken world. But think of some of the implications from COVID-19, due to people all over the world basically in the same boat.  As Christians, let’s not get caught up in conspiracies and hand-wringing!  Let’s be beacons of light, hope and joy! From Premier Christianity………………

It’s the most natural question in the world: If God is good and all powerful, then why doesn’t he just stop bad things happening? It’s something that individuals often ask at times of personal tragedy. As the Coronavirus sweeps across the world Justin Brierley offers an answer to the questions being asked by people all over the globe.

Source: Why doesn’t God stop Coronavirus and mend the world? – Premier Christianity

2 thoughts on “Why doesn’t God stop Coronavirus and mend the world? – Premier Christianity

  1. Well that was the shortest explanation (or should I say non-explanation) I’ve seen on the matter. Two paragraphs?


    1. Hello, Friend! Sorry that you did not realize that you should have clicked the link at the bottom of my post to get redirected to the entire article. I think you will find that entire article much more complete and in tune to the current situation. Blessings!


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