Some good points in this article.  Sometimes we believers, or especially many nonbelievers today, demand a total and exhaustive understanding of something before holding that thing is real or true.  But we should realize there are a trunkload of things we do not understand exhaustively, but still hold as truem and live our lives accordingly. (We don’t understand everything about the force of gravity, but we still will not take a leap off a tall building!). Read this from THINKAPOLOGETICS.COM……………..

Whenever I teach an apologetics class, I always clarify the relationship between faith, doubts, and questions. It is important to remember that asking questions about what you believe is not necessarily the same thing as doubt. For example, when I was a new Christian, I had all kinds of questions. And I still have questions […]

via Why Apologetics Isn’t About Getting Rid of All Doubt — THINKAPOLOGETICS.COM

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