I trust the author of this Christian blog, but still this might warrant some further checking for yourself if you decide to participate.  Still, about the main reason I am on social media at all is to encourage others (WAY too much hate and derision these days!).  I think I will give this a try.  From Courageous Christian Father……………

You are seeing this because this is coming from a feed. It is best if you read the article in full. Thanks Courageous Christian Father | Text for Humanity. Text for Humanity – send and receive positive, encouraging text messages to strangers around the world. #TextforHumanity ​ Text for Humanity I first heard about this…

via Text for Humanity — Courageous Christian Father

3 thoughts on “Text for Humanity — Courageous Christian Father

  1. I have sent multiple ones so far. You get one for each one you send. So far, I haven’t seen any bad ones yet. I am not sure if they screen them either. Thanks for the shoutout on this post. I agree, I would use caution with it. But, it could be a great way to share gospel in a way too.


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