In this “Information Age” it seems everyone wants answers for all possible questions.  This is unrealistic at best and arrogant at worst.  Especially when we are talking about the Infinite Creator and Everlasting Father.  At some point, we have to decide if we are going to reject God because He has appeared not to speak to us and act toward us as we would want, or trust on what we DO know — that He is good and loving, and has shown us numerous times in many ways that He is worthy of that trust!  Nice article from Jerry Bear Tales…………….

Through the years of my own personal experiences and also helping other people through difficult times in their lives, I have seen the benefits of trusting God even when life does not make sense. Why is this happening to me? Why doesn’t God answer my prayers the way I had hoped? Our soul seems to […]

via Trusting in God…when Life doesn’t make Sense — Jerry Bear Tales…Faith/ Fun/ Encouragement

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