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This article is part of a feed from 7 Deadly Sins, it is best to read it in its full there. 7 Deadly Sins – We hear about these type of sins most often around Halloween. So what are they? In the late Sixth Century, Pope Gregory 1, identified seven categories of sin as deadly.…

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I love, LOVE, these quotes and thoughts on calming the anxious heart!……………

A new devotional from Ed Welch released this week. In the same format as his SMALL BOOK ABOUT A BIG PROBLEM (Anger), Ed gently applies biblical truth to our hearts and minds, in order to help us learn how faith in the Lord, and Christ-centered focus, empower us to not be controlled by fear. Here…

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‘When the Holy Spirit comes on you… you will be My witnesses… to the ends of the earth’ (Acts 1:8). This great advance of the Gospel – Salvation reaches ‘the Gentiles’ (Acts 10:45; 11:1,18) – is a movement of ‘the Spirit’ (Acts 11:12). The Spirit speaks through the Word (Acts 10:44; 11:15). In God’s Word, […]

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In all the years I have been a Christian I don’t believe I have ever heard a complete sermon series on Habakkuk, but it is a very real but ultimately uplifting book!!………

The following is a sermon based on the Old Testament text: Habakkuk 1:1-4; 2:1-4. Habakkuk is crying out to God with the complaint that God’s people have struggled with through every age – and this is a struggle that won’t go away until Jesus returns and makes all things new – and that complaint is […]

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We must move from just “knowing about” to knowing Jesus………..

Walking the cobblestone streets of Wittenburg, I approached the (remodeled) doors on which Martin Luther nailed the 95 Theses. Climbing the stairs of Wartburg Castle, I entered a room that I had seen many times in books and in articles, the chamber in which Luther translated the New Testament into German. Luther’s burial place in…

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This from a man who has faced great struggles in life.  May this brief prayer be a comfort for someone who needs a touch from God…………….

God of all comfort, you know the pain of broken relationships. Many of your own followers left you at the time of greatest need. You know what sin has done to us. That is why you came to save us, at such a great cost to yourself on the Cross. Grant comfort to your […]

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This blog article uses the words of a Bible teacher of the past to teach us important things about death and the fight of faith.  Well worth your time!!…………….

None live, either for a longer or for a shorter period, than infinite wisdom has assigned to them. Reason teaches, that to His appointment we must submit, however unwilling, it being irresistible, and far beyond our control. So, as Christians, we should learn to acquiesce in it cheerfully, as the appointment of one who cannot err.

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A thoughtful article here…………….

I do not believe that the hardships we face in this world are random. Instead, I believe in (and assume in this post) a meticulously sovereign God. Everything in this universe falls under the guidance and control of divine providence. No roll of dice is outside of God’s design (Prov 16:33); no sparrow falls to […]

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