Blessed are The Misfits by Brant Hansen (W Publishing/Thomas Nelson) is a new book by the popular Christian DJ and author of Unoffendable. Armed with the same quirky humor teamed with bluntly honest expression of feelings and opinions that his numerous radio and social media fans have come to love, Blessed are The Misfits is a book for Hansen and all other Christians who feel that they don’t fit in with the typical Christian sitting in the pew next to them. As a high-functioning “Aspie” (those who are on the autism/Asperger spectrum of brain function), Hansen has never felt particularly emotional in his relationship with Christ, or comfortable with relating with a lot of other Christians. But because he speaks on these issues so frequently on his radio show and speeches around the country, the feedback he receives from Christians is that there are many other believers who can more readily identify with someone like Hansen than the superstar pastors and authors who are so revered in many Christian circles, and thus he was encouraged to write this book for others who approach life in much the same way as he does.

With chapter titles like “Blessed are My Fellow People on the Autism Spectrum (and Those Who Can Relate to Us),” “Blessed are the Unfeeling Faithful,” and Blessed are the Introverts Who Keep Trying,” one can see immediately the humor/honesty that permeate the book — often going from silly rumination to deep and touching reflections on a single page. For someone who is a true introvert and with a love/hate relationship with church attendance on Sundays, this book was like a breath of very fresh and invigorating air! Over and over again, I found myself chuckling over Hansen’s quirky thoughts and ways of expressing himself, but then also saying “Me, too” hundreds of times as he described his thought processes and difficulties with relating with God in socially-acceptable manners. I was also intrigued that the publishers included at the end of the book an 8-page listing of “misfits” provided by Hansen from invitations he extended to Christians through his radio programs to provide their names and description of their experiences as Christian “misfits.” Even if one is an extrovert and feels they are not a misfit, I would most highly recommend this book for all Christians. It is a totally honest, yet encouraging read!

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