Since this continues to be a divisive issue for so many Christians, here is a book review reposted by Musing on Science and Theology to consider…..

Musings on Science and Theology

I recently received a copy of an intriguing book (due out next week) courtesy the publisher. Four Views on Creation, Evolution, and Intelligent Design brings together leading proponents of Young Earth Creationism (Ken Ham), Old Earth Creationism (Hugh Ross), Evolutionary Creationism (Deborah Haarsma) and Intelligent Design (Stephen Meyer). Each is given the opportunity to express their own view and to respond to the essays provided by the others. Within the necessary length constraints each contributor was encouraged to put forth the strongest argument for their position. If you are interested in this issue – either personally or pastorally – this book can be an excellent resource.

The book begins with Ken Ham and his description and defense of young earth creationism (YEC). I would summarize his argument as four-fold.

(1) A young earth (ca. 6000 years old) is the straightforward and clear teaching of Scripture. He provides a number of…

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