Very interesting article on the science revealed by God in the book of Job. For further reading, also check out a book by Hugh Ross titled HIDDEN TREASURES IN THE BOOK OF JOB. It is really eye-opening!

Musings on Science and Theology

I have become convinced that the book of Job is one of the most significant books of the Bible. As wisdom literature, this is a book designed to get the reader, whether in ancient Israel or today, to think deeply about God, about God’s sovereignty and rule over the world. God designed and rules the world in accord to his wisdom and in relationship with his creation. Since making this discovery I have come to realize that I am far from the first scientist to realize the importance. Tom McLeish leans heavily on Job in his book Wisdom in Faith & Science – and we will dig into it in the next post on the book.

As I was preparing for an evening discussion group on science and faith at my local church I came across another example. In this video clip Bill Newsome, professor of neurobiology at Stanford…

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