Tips FOR me (not FROM me) on how to have a Christian mentality during a crisis………………..

Soli Deo Gloria

I remember her words clearly. When we failed to be moved by the situation her response was, “I just want people to feel the same way I do about every situation.” The indication was that when she felt worked up about the current moment, she wanted everyone around her to feel that anxiety as well. We had worked together as a team for a long time and by this point had become accustomed to her mindset that everything was a crisis. We had become so accustomed to this overreaction that it cultivated in us a reaction that nothing was a crisis. Neither response is correct, yet one is the action, while the other is a reaction.
Unfortunately, the crisis mentality is becoming the pattern of our society. Such a mentality is one that reacts severely to every situation demanding instant modification, justification, and indemnification. The crisis mentality is a product…

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