Although these “find God’s plan for your life” books are becoming rather ubiquitous, I find this writer’s review refreshingly honest.

Along the Way

Along the Way @

Gentle Reader,

Personal development is not a genre that I typically read. I have a difficult time with gimmicky, formulaic, “follow these steps and your life will be made of unicorns and marshmallow fluff!” types of books. It’s all been said and done. So when Dr. Thien Doan shared this in the introduction:

There are plenty of books out there on this subject by experts and success gurus who have conquered the world, made fortunes, and have millions of followers, fans and “friends” on Social Media. I’m not one of them.

I found myself smiling. The Life Path may not have been a title I would have chosen if not graciously asked to review it, but I can’t help but appreciate an author who is refreshingly down-to-earth.

The subject matter – planning, goal setting, leaving a legacy – is difficult for me. My eyes tend to glaze over when an…

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